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Organizing your AdonisJS Logic
AdonisJS In 30 #7.0
Jul 22

Three Approaches for Organizing your AdonisJS Business Logic Operations

In this lesson, we'll dive deep into three different ways we can organize our code; fat controllers, services, and actions. We'll also discuss circular dependencies, static and non-static service methods, and dependency injection.

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Thank You for Watching
Let's Learn AdonisJS 6 #11.11
Jun 29

Thank You for Watching!

A quick thank you to all those who watched! If you have feedback, please let us know down in the comments.

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Allowing Admins to Delete Movies
Let's Learn AdonisJS 6 #11.10
Jun 29

Allowing Admins to Delete Movies and their Relationships

In this lesson, we'll learn how we can safely delete movies and their relationships. We'll discuss how we need to consider foreign key constraints, and what to do when our deletes aren't set to cascade.

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Managed Transactions and Syncing Movie Cast Members
Let's Learn AdonisJS 6 #11.9
Jun 26

Managed Transactions and Syncing Movie Cast Members

In this lesson, we'll learn how we can use what we learned in the last lesson to also sync our cast members. We'll then extract this functionality into a service and wrap it within a managed database transactions.

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Posting an Array of Objects with HTML Forms
Let's Learn AdonisJS 6 #11.8
Jun 26

Posting Objects, Arrays, and an Array of Objects in HTML Forms

In this lesson, we'll learn how we can use form field names to send an array of objects with our HTML form submission. We'll discuss pitfalls to watch out for and how we use AlpineJS to simplify index syncing within our field names.


Amplify + Nuxt #5.0
Aug 25, 20

Implementing Our Private & Public Amplify GraphQL API In Our Nuxt App

In this lesson we'll be implementing the publicly and privately accessible GraphQL API that we created in the last lesson within our Nuxt project.

Amplify + Nuxt #4.0
Aug 20, 20

How To Add A Public And Private GraphQL API with AWS Amplify

In this lesson we cover how to add a GraphQL API with AWS Amplify consisting of both public and private endpoints.

Amplify + Nuxt #3.0
Aug 20, 20

Adding Register and Login Flows Using AWS Amplify in a Nuxt App

We continue with our Amplify authentication by implementing our login and register flows within our Nuxt app. We'll add registration, email confirmation, login, login, and session persisting.

Amplify + Nuxt #2.0
Aug 15, 20

How To Add Authentication Using AWS Amplify's Auth Class In A Nuxt App

In this lesson we'll go over how to add authentication to our Nuxt application using AWS Amplify. We'll also go over how to setup a Vuex store to interface with Amplify's Auth API.

Aug 10, 20

Quick Tip: You Can Transition Text Decoration, A Little

Text decoration is a supported transition property when it comes to color and thickness. Let's examine a couple quick examples of this working.

Aug 08, 20

All About JavaScript Arrow Functions

Arrow functions offer a concise alternative for standard functions. Though, there are important functionality differences regarding this binding, constructors, generators, and more.

Aug 05, 20

Introducing and Understanding JavaScript Promises

A promise allows us to delay the execution of code that's dependent upon information retrieved by an asynchronous operation. We'll expand on what this means, how to use promises, and how to go about creating one.

Aug 03, 20

How to Setup a Vue App Without a Bundler Using Snowpack (Version 1)

We'll cover how to setup a Vue project utilizing Snowpack V1 instead of a bundler, like Webpack. We'll also be using http-vue-loader so we can easily work with .vue single-file components.

Amplify + Nuxt #1.0
Aug 02, 20

How To Setup AWS Amplify in a New Nuxt Project

We go over how install the AWS Amplify CLI and configure it locally on our machine. We'll create a new Nuxt project using create-nuxt-app. Then lastly, we'll configure Amplify to our Nuxt project so the two can successfully communicate with one another.

Jagr logo
Jul 18, 20

Jagr Is Coming Soon, Here's Where We Stand

Jagr, a developer education hub, is currently in development and will be coming soon. This post will be used to keep you up-to-date with where we stand.

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