HTMX Filtering

HTMX & AdonisJS Filters

5 Lessons
20m 10s

In this mini-series, we'll learn how to install HTMX within an AdonisJS project. Once installed, we'll implement a basic filtering system with AdonisJS and initiate form handlers with HTMX to update our DOM.

Installing HTMX
Lesson 1.0
Mar 26, 23

Installing HTMX & Project Overview

In this lesson, we'll briefly outline the project structure and then install HTMX inside our project.

Lesson 2.0
Mar 26, 23

Creating Our Filter Query with AdonisJS

In this lesson, we'll create the route and query we'll need to get filtered results with our filter form using the Lucid ORM and AdonisJS.

AdonisJS Filter Form Handler
Lesson 3.0
Mar 26, 23

Defining Our AdonisJS Filter Form Handler

In this lesson, we'll expand on the filter query we built in the last lesson by reusing the query within a service for our filter form handler.

Updating Content with HTMX
Lesson 4.0
Mar 26, 23

Posting & Swapping Filtered Content with HTMX

In this lesson, we'll utilize the filter form handler we defined in our last lesson by adding an HTMX post handler to our filter form that will retrieve the filtered results HTML and swap it with the pre-existing results.

Syncing URL & Field Values
Lesson 5.0
Mar 26, 23

Updating Our URL & Populating Filter Field Values

In this lesson, we'll learn how we can use HTMX to easily update our URL via our AdonisJS response. Then, we'll use our URL's query string to pre-populate our filter form field values.