AdonisJS + InertiaJS

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In this series, we'll learn how to integrate, configure and use InertiaJS within an AdonisJS project. In this series, we'll be using Vue 3 as our client-side framework. We'll look at things like authentication, form submissions, redirects, and more.

Lesson 1.0
Jun 05, 22

How To Add InertiaJS to a New AdonisJS Project

In this lesson, we'll create a new AdonisJS project, then install and configure InertiaJS with Vue 3 using the InertiaJS-AdonisJS adapter.

Lesson 2.0
Jul 02, 22

Understanding The Flow Between Adonis, Inertia, and Vue 3

In this lesson, we'll be inspecting the request flow from Adonis through Inertia and to Vue for both initial and subsequent requests.

Lesson 3.0
Jul 18, 22

Creating Layouts and Defining Default Layouts

In this lesson, we'll learn how to create and define layouts within our AdonisJS and InertiaJS app. We'll also learn how we can easily add support for default layouts as well.

Lesson 4.0
Aug 07, 22

Adding TailwindCSS to our Adonis, Inertia, Vue Application

In this lesson, we'll learn how to add TailwindCSS to an Adonis, Inertia, and Vue 3 application using Webpack Encore.

Lesson 5.0
Aug 11, 22

Naive UI and Vue 3 Component Import on Demand

In this lesson, we'll be installing Naive UI, a Vue 3 component library, to our Inertia and Vue 3 application. Then, we'll set up Import on Demand so components will auto-resolve as we use them.

Lesson 6.0
Sep 18, 22

Simplifying Imports with Path Aliases & Global Components

In this lesson, we'll learn how to add a path alias with Webpack Encore to eliminate relative paths from our client-side imports. We'll also learn how to register global Vue 3 components.

Lesson 7.0
Oct 02, 22

Introducing InertiaJS Forms & The InertiaJS Form Helper

In this lesson, we'll learn about InertiaJS and how it differs when it comes to forms. We'll see how it helps simplify response handling and treats forms as a hybrid between APIs and a Monolith. We'll also learn about Inertia's form helper.

Lesson 8.0
Oct 16, 22

Form Validation Error Handling

In this lesson, we'll see just how nice InertiaJS is when it comes to form validation error handling. As you'll see, little work needs to be done on our part.

Adonis + Inertia SSR
Lesson 9.0
Jul 23, 23

How To Create An AdonisJS 5 & Inertia 1 Project with SSR

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at how to set up AdonisJS 5 and InertiaJS V1 using server-side rendering (SSR).

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