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AdonisJS + InertiaJS

8 Lessons
59 minutes

In this series, we'll learn how to integrate, configure and use InertiaJS within an AdonisJS project. In this series, we'll be using Vue 3 as our client-side framework. We'll look at things like authentication, form submissions, redirects, and more.

Lesson 1.0 / AdonisJS + InertiaJS

How To Add InertiaJS to a New AdonisJS Project

In this lesson, we'll create a new AdonisJS project, then install and configure InertiaJS with ...

Lesson 2.0 / AdonisJS + InertiaJS

Understanding The Flow Between Adonis, Inertia, and Vue 3

In this lesson, we'll be inspecting the request flow from Adonis through Inertia and to Vue for...

Lesson 3.0 / AdonisJS + InertiaJS

Creating Layouts and Defining Default Layouts

In this lesson, we'll learn how to create and define layouts within our AdonisJS and InertiaJS ...

Lesson 4.0 / AdonisJS + InertiaJS

Adding TailwindCSS to our Adonis, Inertia, Vue Application

In this lesson, we'll learn how to add TailwindCSS to an Adonis, Inertia, and Vue 3 application...

Lesson 5.0 / AdonisJS + InertiaJS

Naive UI and Vue 3 Component Import on Demand

In this lesson, we'll be installing Naive UI, a Vue 3 component library, to our Inertia and Vue...

Lesson 6.0 / AdonisJS + InertiaJS

Simplifying Imports with Path Aliases & Global Components

In this lesson, we'll learn how to add a path alias with Webpack Encore to eliminate relative paths...

Lesson 7.0 / AdonisJS + InertiaJS

Introducing InertiaJS Forms & The InertiaJS Form Helper

In this lesson, we'll learn about InertiaJS and how it differs when it comes to forms. We'll see...

Lesson 8.0 / AdonisJS + InertiaJS

Form Validation Error Handling

In this lesson, we'll see just how nice InertiaJS is when it comes to form validation error handling...