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Adocasts Redesign
Feb 03

What's New in Adocasts V3

We're now rocking AdonisJS 6 with a fresh redesign to boot! We'll introduce "The Feed" and discuss a few new Adocasts Plus perks.

AdonisJS 6 Has Landed
Jan 25

AdonisJS 6 Has Landed!

AdonisJS has officially been released to the public! Here's some links to resources to help get you on your way.

AdonisJS 6 Release Date Announced
Dec 30, 23

AdonisJS 6 Release Date Announced

The AdonisJS Core Team has announced the release date for AdonisJS 6.

Exciting changes coming with Adocasts+ subscription
Oct 16, 23

Exciting Changes Coming with Adocasts+ Subscription

Introducing the Adocasts+ subscription, offering exclusive content, benefits, and user profiles while keeping some free lessons. Exciting site updates enhance the user experience. Monthly, yearly, and lifetime pricing options available.

Whisper Transcription
Oct 15, 23

Creating Blog Posts with Whisper Transcription and ChatGPT

Create blog posts from spoken words: Use Whisper Transcription for Mac to transcribe, then refine with ChatGPT. A new way to generate content!

Aug 01, 22

The AdonisJS InertiaJS Adapter Now Supports Vue Server-Side Rendering (SSR)

The AdonisJS Adapter by Lev Eidelman Nagar for InertiaJS now supports server-side rendering (SSR) for both Vue 2 and Vue 3.