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Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel your subscription at any time within your billing settings. Once canceled you'll still have full access to Adocasts+ until your current billing period is over. Once your billing period is over, you won't be charged again.

With Adocasts+ you'll get access to all of our lessons and series.

Adocasts+ members also enjoy 2 weeks early access to all our new lessons (excludes contributor lessons), meaning that when we do release a free lesson it'll be exclusive to Adocasts+ for the first 2 weeks.

Additionally, Adocasts+ is ad free! When you're browsing or watching the Adocasts site, we'll make sure you don't see any ads.

Yep! Unless you're already on our forever plan, you can switch between the monthly, annual, or even opt into the forever plan at any time.

When switching from our monthly to annual plan, any time remaining in your current billing period will be prorated.

Our goal is to try to make learning AdonisJS as affordable as possible. Compared to others, we feel our pricing is already pretty low.

That said, if you feel $8 per month is high for you, whether that's financially or due to unfair conversion rates, send us an email and we'll see what we can do.