Using A Wildcard Route Param to Download Storage Images

In this lesson, we'll learn how we can utilize a wildcard route parameter to dynamically download images that've been uploaded and stored within our application storage.

Jun 20
7m 57s

Developer, dog lover, and burrito eater. Currently teaching AdonisJS, a fully featured NodeJS framework, and running Adocasts where I post new lessons weekly. Professionally, I work with JavaScript, .Net C#, and SQL Server.


Burlington, KY

🕰️ Chapters
00:00 - Refactoring Our Avatars Route as a Generic Storage Route
02:05 - Inspecting Wildcard Route Parameters
03:00 - Getting Requested Image File Path
03:25 - Reviewing the File Upload Documentation
04:30 - Normalizing and Testing the File Path Validity
05:38 - Downloading the Requested Image
06:02 - Accessing Our Images
07:06 - Testing Our Storage Download Route

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