Allowing Admins to Delete Movies and their Relationships

In this lesson, we'll learn how we can safely delete movies and their relationships. We'll discuss how we need to consider foreign key constraints, and what to do when our deletes aren't set to cascade.

Jun 29
7m 42s

Developer, dog lover, and burrito eater. Currently teaching AdonisJS, a fully featured NodeJS framework, and running Adocasts where I post new lessons weekly. Professionally, I work with JavaScript, .Net C#, and SQL Server.


Burlington, KY

🕰️ Chapters
00:00 - Adding the Delete Form and Button
01:48 - Defining our MoviesController Destroy Handler
02:30 - Considering Relationships when Deleting
04:30 - How To Delete Relationships when the Delete Does NOT Cascade
06:20 - Testing Out our Deletion

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