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AdonisJS Auth provides first-party support for authentication to AdonisJS. It supports sessions, API tokens, and basic authentication formats. API tokens can be database or Redis-driven. Auth integrates deeply within the HttpContext and Edge.



AdonisJS API with Nuxt 3 Auth
AdonisJS in 15 #4.0
Jun 25, 23

AdonisJS 5 API & Nuxt 3 SSR Authentication in 15 Minutes

In this lesson, we’ll learn how to set up authentication in an AdonisJS API application while using server-side rendered (SSR) Nuxt 3 as our front end.

Handling Expired Auth Session
AdonisJS Quick Tip #17.0
Jun 18, 23

Gracefully Checking and Handling An Expired Auth Session

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at how to gracefully reset the user’s stale session, which includes authentication, CSRF tokens, or anything else you may have set for the user.

subdomain sessions
AdonisJS Quick Tip #15.0
Mar 05, 23

How To Seamlessly Share AdonisJS Sessions & Authentication Across Subdomains

In this lesson, we'll learn how one simple tweak to our AdonisJS project allows us to seamlessly share sessions and user authentication across multiple subdomains, as well as our application's primary domain.

Remember Me Token
AdonisJS Quick Tip #14.0
Jan 12, 23

Remember Me in AdonisJS Authentication

In this lesson, we'll take a look at how to remember the user's authentication session in AdonisJS Auth. We'll learn how to define the remember me checkbox within our form and more.

Redirect back after login
AdonisJS Quick Tip #13.0
Dec 18, 22

How To Redirect Back to the Previous Page After Login with AdonisJS

In this lesson, we'll learn an easy way we can redirect our user's back to their original page after they login or register in an AdonisJS application.

Requiring Email Verification
AdonisJS User Roles #4.0
Dec 04, 22

Simple Steps To Require Email Verification In Your AdonisJS App

Learn how to require your users to verify their email address using a Token model with AdonisJS and Lucid ORM.

Changelog #1 - Setup & Auth
Let's Build A Changelog App #1.0
Dec 02, 22

Creating Our AdonisJS Project & Getting Setup

In this stream, we'll start building a changelog application with AdonisJS

NodeJS Password Reset Flow
AdonisJS User Roles #3.0
Nov 20, 22

How To Create A Password Reset Flow in NodeJS with AdonisJS

In this lesson, we'll cover, from start to finish, how to create your own password reset (or forgot password) flow in your NodeJS application with AdonisJS.

User Role Authentication in 15 Minutes
AdonisJS in 15 #3.0
Nov 10, 22

AdonisJS User Role Authentication in 15 Minutes

In this lesson, we'll learn how we can specify user roles using a User and Role AdonisJS Model within our project.

PDF Invoice Generator
Oct 23, 22

Create a NodeJS PDF Generator that Sends the PDF as an Email Attachment with AdonisJS & Puppeteer

In this lesson, we'll be creating an application that creates a PDF from a styled page using AdonisJS, EdgeJS, and Puppeteer. Then, we'll learn how we can send this PDF as an email attachment.

AdonisJS Quick Tip #8.0
May 28, 22

How To Make Your AdonisJS Authentication Login Case-Insensitive

Learn how to make the AdonisJS login attempt query case-insensitive easily by adding a simple method to our User Model.

Let's Build with AdonisJS #1.8
May 17, 22

Working A Bit with AdonisJS Social Auth

In this stream, we worked on fixing an issue I have on the new, not yet released, Jagr site where I didn't account for changing emails within my social auth.

AdonisJS in 15 #1.0
Dec 12, 21

AdonisJS Authentication in 15 Minutes

We'll be creating a new AdonisJS project and adding authentication to it within 15 minutes. You'll be able to logout, register, and login with either your username or email.

Let's Build with AdonisJS #1.3
Nov 20, 21

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Social Auth & Image Management

In this stream, we work on finishing up social authentication using AdonisJS Ally. Then, we'll add project and permission settings and image uploading to Digital Ocean Spaces.

Let's Build with AdonisJS #1.2
Nov 16, 21

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Password Reset & Account Locking

In this livestream, we'll add a system to lock users' accounts after so many bad login attempts and we'll also add in the password reset flow.

Let's Build with AdonisJS #1.1
Nov 06, 21

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Username Sign In & Post CRUD

In this livestream we cover adding the ability to sign in using either a username or email address. We also dig into setting up the ability to create, read, update, and delete our posts.

Let's Build with AdonisJS #1.0
Oct 30, 21

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Start & Auth

In this livestream we create a new project, install and configure the Lucid and Auth packages. Define our migrations and model schema. And hammer down basic authentication.