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Let's Learn AdonisJS 5

15 Lessons
2 hours

Learn AdonisJS 5 in-depth as we step through all the major functionalities of the framework in-depth. Learn about Routing, Controllers, Lucid, Auth, and much more.

Lesson 1.0

Prerequisites & Creating A New Project

In this lesson, we'll learn about AdonisJS 5; what it is, what it offers, its prerequisites, and how...

Lesson 1.1

Project Structure

In this lesson, we'll get familiar with our Adonis 5 project by running through all the folders and ...

Lesson 1.2

Introducing the Ace CLI

In this lesson, we'll be learning about Adonis' command-line interface (CLI). Including what the Ace...

Lesson 1.3

Understanding the HttpContext

The HttpContext object contains unique information about individual requests our application receives...

Lesson 2.0

Routing Introduction

We'll learn how to define routes in Adonis using the Route module. We'll cover defining routes for specific...

Lesson 2.1

Dynamic Routing with Route Parameters

In this lesson, we go in-depth with route parameters covering optional route params, validation using...

Lesson 2.2

Moving & Organizing Routes

In this lesson, we'll cover various different ways you can structure your routes within your Adonis ...

Lesson 2.3

Naming, Grouping, & Prefixing Routes

In this lesson, we'll learn about naming routes and using groups with prefixes to structure our routes...

Lesson 2.4

Multi-File Route Grouping Strategies

In this lesson, we'll discuss strategies you can use to apply multiple files worth of route definitions...

Lesson 2.5

Generating URLs and Signed URLs

In this lesson, we'll be focusing specifically on generating URLs from our route definitions. We'll ...

Lesson 2.6

Extending the Adonis Router and Route Matchers

In this lesson, we'll be learning how we can add our own chainable methods using macros to the Adonis...

Lesson 3.0

Handling Routes with Controllers

In this lesson, we'll learn about Controllers and how we can keep our route definitions clean and easy...

Lesson 3.1

Route & Controller Resources

In this lesson, we'll learn what a resource is and how we can quickly and easily define a route resource...

Lesson 3.2

Static, Non-Static, & Singleton Services

We'll learn what services are. We'll then discuss three different ways we can use them within our AdonisJS...

Lesson 4.0

Service Providers & The IoC Container

We'll learn about Service Providers and how they interact with the IoC Container. We'll then put this...