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Let's Build with AdonisJS

10 Lessons
19 hours

Livestreams where we build applications using AdonisJS 5. Starting out, we'll be rebuilding Jagr.Co

Lesson 1.0 / Building Jagr.Co

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Start & Auth

In this livestream we create a new project, install and configure the Lucid and Auth packages. ...

Lesson 1.1 / Building Jagr.Co

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Username Sign In & Post CRUD

In this livestream we cover adding the ability to sign in using either a username or email address...

Lesson 1.2 / Building Jagr.Co

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Password Reset & Account Locking

In this livestream, we'll add a system to lock users' accounts after so many bad login attempts...

Lesson 1.3 / Building Jagr.Co

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Social Auth & Image Management

In this stream, we work on finishing up social authentication using AdonisJS Ally. Then, we'll ...

Lesson 1.4 / Building Jagr.Co

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Post, Collection, & Taxonomy Models

In this stream, we focus on setting up the models and migrations for the Collection and Taxonomy...

Lesson 1.5 / Building Jagr.Co

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Adding Posts & SubCollections to Collections

In this stream, we focus on adding the ability to add posts and subcollections to a collection.

Lesson 1.6 / Building Jagr.Co

Building A Comment System

In this stream, we focused on building a comment system that allowed infinitely nestable responses...

Lesson 1.7 / Building Jagr.Co

Building An XML Sitemap

In this stream, we'll be going over how to build a sitemap of all our site's pages for search engines...

Lesson 1.8 / Building Jagr.Co

Working A Bit with AdonisJS Social Auth

In this stream, we worked on fixing an issue I have on the new, not yet released, Jagr site where...

Lesson 1.9 / Building Jagr.Co

Comment Likes & Unlikes

In this stream, we'll be adding the ability to like and unlike a comment on the new upcoming Jagr...