Let's Build with AdonisJS

12 Lessons
21h 39m

Livestreams where we build applications using AdonisJS 5. Starting out, we'll be rebuilding Adocasts, formerly called Jagr.Co.

Module 1 Building Adocasts (12 lessons)

Lesson 1.0
Oct 30, 21

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Start & Auth

In this livestream we create a new project, install and configure the Lucid and Auth packages. Define our migrations and model schema. And hammer down basic authentication.

Lesson 1.1
Nov 06, 21

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Username Sign In & Post CRUD

In this livestream we cover adding the ability to sign in using either a username or email address. We also dig into setting up the ability to create, read, update, and delete our posts.

Lesson 1.2
Nov 16, 21

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Password Reset & Account Locking

In this livestream, we'll add a system to lock users' accounts after so many bad login attempts and we'll also add in the password reset flow.

Lesson 1.3
Nov 20, 21

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Social Auth & Image Management

In this stream, we work on finishing up social authentication using AdonisJS Ally. Then, we'll add project and permission settings and image uploading to Digital Ocean Spaces.

Lesson 1.4
Nov 26, 21

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Post, Collection, & Taxonomy Models

In this stream, we focus on setting up the models and migrations for the Collection and Taxonomy models and tables. We set up their relationships and get the Collection CRUD operations setup

Lesson 1.5
Nov 27, 21

Rebuilding Jagr.Co, Adding Posts & SubCollections to Collections

In this stream, we focus on adding the ability to add posts and subcollections to a collection.

Lesson 1.6
Jan 29, 22

Building A Comment System

In this stream, we focused on building a comment system that allowed infinitely nestable responses. It's all done server-side too, so it's SEO friendly!

Lesson 1.7
Apr 10, 22

Building An XML Sitemap

In this stream, we'll be going over how to build a sitemap of all our site's pages for search engines using XML to help bolster SEO.

Lesson 1.8
May 17, 22

Working A Bit with AdonisJS Social Auth

In this stream, we worked on fixing an issue I have on the new, not yet released, Jagr site where I didn't account for changing emails within my social auth.

Lesson 1.9
May 20, 22

Comment Likes & Unlikes

In this stream, we'll be adding the ability to like and unlike a comment on the new upcoming Jagr.Co site, built with AdonisJS.

Altering Lesson 404 Behavior
Lesson 1.10
Oct 29, 22

Altering Adocasts' Lesson 404 Page Behavior

In this stream, we'll alter our soon-to-be-published lessons to display a "Coming Soon" notice when visited instead of the current 404 page.

Recreating YouTube Chapters
Lesson 1.11
Nov 05, 22

Recreating YouTube's Chapters Functionality

In this stream, we'll be working to recreate YouTube's chapter functionality on Adocasts.

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More in the works!

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