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AdonisJS 5 is a NodeJS framework that's comes packed with everything you'll need to quickly build scalable and secure applications or APIs.

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Let's Learn Adonis 5: Intro to Creating, Reading, Updating, and Deleting (CRUD)

In this lesson, we'll learn the two different modules Adonis' Lucid provides us to communicate with our database. We'll then introduce basic CRUD operations using these modules.

Let's Learn Adonis 5: Defining Model Relationships

In this lesson, we'll learn about the different types of database relationships, how Adonis supports these relationship types, and how to define these relationships.

Let's Learn Adonis 5: Intro to Models

This lesson is all about models. We'll learn what they are, how to define them, what they're used for, and some of the extended capabilities they provide.

Let's Learn Adonis 5: Altering Tables with Migrations

In this lesson, we'll expand on migrations a bit further by discussing how to alter existing databases using migrations.

Let's Learn Adonis 5: Migrations

This lesson is all about migrations. We'll discuss what they are, how to use them, and how they're integrated within Adonis. Then we'll put them to use.

Let's Learn Adonis 5: Installing and Configuring Lucid

In this lesson, we'll be learning how to install and configure Lucid, Adonis' Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system, within our application.

Let's Learn Adonis 5: Controllers, Services, Resources, and Namespacing

In this lesson, we'll be hammering down several Adonis topics in one swoop. We'll be covering Controllers, which in turn allow us to utilize Services, Resources, and Namespacing.

Let's Learn Adonis 5: Routes and Route Handling

In this lesson, we learn the basics of Adonis routing and route handling by covering how to define a route, render a page, respond with JSON, simplify our route definitions, and more.

Let's Learn Adonis 5: Project Structure and the Ace CLI

We'll learn our way around Adonis' project structure and gain an understanding of what goes where. We'll also discuss Adonis' Ace CLI.

Let's Learn Adonis 5: Prerequisites & Creating A New Project

We'll be learning a little about what Adonis is, the prerequisites to get started, and how to create a new project.

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