How to Setup a Vue App Without a Bundler Using Snowpack (Version 1)

We'll cover how to setup a Vue project utilizing Snowpack V1 instead of a bundler, like Webpack. We'll also be using http-vue-loader so we can easily work with .vue single-file components.

Aug 03, 20
9m 9s

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Burlington, KY

Quick Note — This lesson originally released on our YouTube channel Jan 24th, 2020. Since then Snowpack has released version 2 with many changes. In Snowpack V2, they've also released Create Snowpack App (CSA). Due to these changes much of the Snowpack portions are out-of-date in this video, as it works with V1. However, the http-vue-loader contents of this lesson are still valid.


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  • To clone down the project run the below in your terminal:
    $ git clone


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