AdonisJS 6 Has Landed!

AdonisJS has officially been released to the public! Here's some links to resources to help get you on your way.

Jan 25

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It's January 24th, and that means AdonisJS 6 is now officially available to the public. Woohoo!!

Let's Learn AdonisJS 6

To celebrate, we've got 12 lessons in our new Let's Learn AdonisJS 6 series ready to go, with plenty more on the way! These lessons are available via Adocasts Plus early access, so if you have Adocasts Plus you can dive in today and get started! Otherwise, they'll become free to all (and published on YouTube) after their early-access period ends in 14 days.

Before you dive in, there are two important documents you should read through from the AdonisJS Core Team.

  1. The AdonisJS 6 Launch Announcement
    Learn what's new, what's changed, and what's coming with AdonisJS 6

  2. The AdonisJS 6 Migration Guide
    Learn the steps needed to migrate a project from AdonisJS 5 to AdonisJS 6, breaking changes, and you can also learn about the CLI upgrade kit utility.

In addition to those two documents, here are some additional resources!

  • The AdonisJS 6 Documentation
    Enjoy in-depth documentation about all things AdonisJS 6

  • The AdonisJS 5 Documentation
    The version 5 docs have a new home to make way for version 6.

  • Lucid Documentation
    The Lucid ORM now has it's own documentation

  • EdgeJS Documentation
    EdgeJS also has its own documentation site. This has been out for a little while, but it uses ESM, so it was incompatible with AdonisJS 5. EdgeJS is also framework-agnostic.

  • Japa Documentation
    Like Lucid & EdgeJS - Japa has its own documentation site as well. Same story as EdgeJS here, been out for a little while but uses ESM so it was awaiting AdonisJS 6. It's also framework-agnostic

  • VineJS Documentation
    The AdonisJS Validator has been extracted into a framework-agnostic package called VineJS. As such, it too has its own documentation site.

  • Bentocache Documentation
    Bentocache is a new addition to the AdonisJS package family that offers powerful multi-tier caching. Like the others, it's also framework-agnostic.

  • Verrou Documentation
    Verrou is another new addition to the AdonisJS package family that allows you to manage locks for resources, which lets you safeguard concurrent requests from mutating the same record. Verrou follows the trend the other packages have followed as well, by being framework-agnostic!

  • Search AdonisJS Packages
    This has been around for a little while, but it recently got quite a facelift and now also lets you filter between AdonisJS 6 and AdonisJS 5 packages.

I hope you all get a chance to dive into AdonisJS 6 and enjoy it to its fullest! We've migrated the Adocasts site over and redesigned almost the entire site in the process - which we're excited to be launching soon!

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