AdonisJS 6 Release Date Announced

The AdonisJS Core Team has announced the release date for AdonisJS 6.

Dec 30, 23

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The AdonisJS Core Team announced a brief moment ago via Twitter that AdonisJS 6 will be publicly released on January 24th, 2024.

A few of the more notable changes the core team has already announced are coming with AdonisJS 6 include:

  • The AdonisJS codebase switches from CommonJS to ECMAScript Modules (ESM).

  • The AdonisJS validator and env packages join Japa and EdgeJS being made framework agnostic. The AdonisJS Validator has also been given a separate name, VineJS.

  • The default filename structure is changing to a global snake case naming convention.

  • Webpack is being replaced with Vite as the default asset bundler

  • A detailed fundamentals section within the documentation

  • There is an anticipated utility to help migrate codebases from AdonisJS 5 to AdonisJS 6, as demonstrated in this tweet by Julien Ripouteau.

  • There’s an absolute ton more! Many quality of life and developer usability updates as well.

What’s Already Available

If you’re supporting the AdonisJS core team via GitHub sponsorship at $19/mo or higher, you can get access to the closed alpha of AdonisJS 6 now.

Newer versions of Japa and EdgeJS, as well as the framework agnostic validator VineJS, have been available to use for a little while now. However, since they utilize ESM, they’re incompatible with AdonisJS 5. They integrate superbly with AdonisJS 6 and other ESM-based Node codebases.

There’s also an official Edge Template Syntax Highlighter extension for VS Code that works great with the new version of EdgeJS.

What’s In The Works

Harminder Virk, AdonisJS’ creator, is planning on releasing an AdonisJS 6 course. We’ll be covering AdonisJS 6 here at Adocasts once it’s released, but you can’t beat learning directly from the creator!

The core team also plans to release a first-party package to support Inertia with AdonisJS. They also seem to be working on a first-party server-sent events (SSE) package for AdonisJS as well.

Both of these will likely come sometime after AdonisJS 6’s public release on Jan 24th.

What About Adocasts?

We’re going to work on clearing out the lessons we have recorded for AdonisJS 5 between now and 6’s public release.

Once AdonisJS 6 is released, we’ll begin releasing lessons specifically for it! Here’s a look at the series we’re currently in the process of planning, do note these series names are placeholders intended to describe the series' purpose and don't represent the series' final name.

Series being planned

We’ll be starting our NodeJS Basics series here very soon. AdonisJS 6 Fundamentals will be our “Let’s Learn AdonisJS 6” series and we’ll be starting that series the week of the 24th.

We have already migrated the Adocasts site from AdonisJS 5 to AdonisJS 6, locally. With it, we’ve gone ahead and redesigned almost every page on the site. We’ve also added a whole new social section to the site and several new features, some of which are Adocasts Plus specific.

We’ll have more on these changes at a later date 😄

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