Creating Records with Lucid ORM

In this lesson, we'll learn various ways we can create and bulk-create records using the AdonisJS Lucid ORM.

Feb 02, 23
12m 38s

Developer, dog lover, and burrito eater. Currently teaching AdonisJS, a fully featured NodeJS framework, and running Adocasts where I post new lessons weekly. Professionally, I work with JavaScript, .Net C#, and SQL Server.


Burlington, KY

🕑 Chapters:

00:00 - Intro
00:20 - TopicsController
00:40 - Instantiating Model Instance
04:10 - Merging Data Into Model Instance
07:15 - Model Create Method
07:40 - Model Create Many Method
08:20 - First or Create Method
09:36 - Update or Create Method
10:35 - Update or Create Many Method
11:50 - Outro

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