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Let's Learn AdonisJS 5

Password Hashing & Model Hook Overview

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In this lesson, we'll learn briefly about the model hooks available and how they work. Then, we'll walk through an example by hashing our password anytime it is changed.

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📑 Documentation Links:

LucidORM Model Hook Guides
LucidORM Model Hook Decorator References

🕑 Chapters:

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - Model Hook Options
03:28 - Bad Plaintext Password Example
05:00 - Auto Hashing Password When Changed
06:50 - Excluding Password When Serialized
08:14 - Outro

📜 Transcript:

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Prepared By

Tom Gobich

Burlington, KY

Owner of Adocasts, JavaScript developer, educator, PlayStation gamer, burrito eater.

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