HTMX & AdonisJS Filters #1.0

Installing HTMX & Project Overview

In this lesson, we'll briefly outline the project structure and then install HTMX inside our project.


00:00 Introduction to Filtering with AdonisJS and HTMX
00:16 Installation of HTMX
00:59 Overview of the Project
01:55 How HTMX Works
03:01 Conclusion

Chapters With Key Points

0:00:00 - Explaining the use of HTMX to manipulate the DOM using HTML attributes
0:00:16 - Introduction to the installation process
0:00:18 - Different ways to install HTMX
0:00:22 - Process of installing HTMX within an AdonisJS project
0:00:59 - Description of the project
0:01:18 - Explaining the current structure of the project
0:01:55 - Explanation of how HTMX works
0:02:37 - Introduction to HTMX's ability to update the URL of the page
0:03:01 - Summary of the upcoming lessons in the series

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