How To Add AdonisJS Edge Support to your WebStorm Environment

A quick tip on how to add AdonisJS Edge syntax highlighting to your JetBrains WebStorm environment using the VSCode plugin and TextMate Bundles.

Dec 08, 21
1m 52s

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So, a couple of days ago I decided to try WebStorm as my text editor to mix things up a bit from Visual Studio Code. Now, one of the things you’ll notice when you try to use an AdonisJS project within WebStorm is that it currently doesn’t have support for the Edge templating engine; neither out of the box nor through a plugin.

I was searching the internet to see what others were using to get some syntax highlighting and I happened across this comment post by Ekaterina Prigara, who mentions:

You can add syntax highlighting for Edge templates via using the TextMate syntax file. Download this repo, then go to the IDE preferences - Editor - TextMate Bundles, click Add and select the downloaded source code of the plugin.

I gave this a go and while it’s not perfect, it does a pretty good job and is definitely better than nothing. So, I wanted to share this method with you all since I know a few of you are using WebStorm.

Adding Edge Support

First, download the source code from the Visual Studio Code Edge plugin. You can either download the zip and extract it or clone it onto your machine.

git clone

Next, jump into WebStorm and do the following.

  1. Select “Preferences”

  2. Within preferences, expand “Editor”

  3. Under editor, click “TextMate Bundles”

  4. Within the TextMate Bundles panel, click the + icon in the top-right corner

  5. Go to and select the vscode-edge folder you downloaded/cloned from GitHub

  6. Ensure it’s checked within the TextMate Bundles list

  7. Click “Apply”, then “Okay”

That should do it, you should now see syntax highlight within your Edge templates.

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  1. Anonymous (KiteLouisa304)
    Commented 2 years ago

    No way… Are you kidding me! Thanks Alot


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  2. Anonymous (GuanRahal260)
    Commented 1 year ago

    This won't work if you previously declared that .edge files should be treated as HTML files (or any other reference language). In the Editor section of the settings, under the File Types category, you will need to find the reference language you selected in the left-hand list and remove the "*.edge" extension from the "File name patterns" table.
    Then it will work.


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    1. Commented 1 year ago

      Thank you for sharing!!


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