AdonisJS 5 Infinite Load

2 Lessons
18m 1s

In this two-part mini-series, we'll be creating an infinite load functionality within our AdonisJS 5 application. We'll make use of a Model Factory & Seeder to make dummy data. We'll then use our Model's paginate method to easily track our progress

Lesson 1.0
Aug 21, 21

Project Setup & Creating Dummy Data

In this lesson, we'll be setting up our project with fake data using a Model Factory and a Seeder. We'll also set up our initial list of posts so that we're all set and squared away to cover

Lesson 2.0
Aug 22, 21

How To Create An Infinite Loader

In this lesson, we'll be going over how to add an infinite loader to our app. We'll specifically be utilizing an Edge component and our Model's paginate method to make this happen.