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Video Changes & Chapters

You've probably noticed some changes with our video player if you've watched our latest three Let's Learn AdonisJS 6 lessons.

Until now, we had written all the initialization logic for the player, including dynamically selecting the best video quality based on your available bandwidth, which we used HLS.js to do.

In January, Bunny Stream, which we use to host our newer videos, launched Player.js API support for their embedded player. Meaning, we would be able to use their embedded player very similar to how we're embedding YouTube's player.

Over the past weekend, we made the change from our player handling, using Plyr, to Bunny Stream's embedded player. Thanks to this we can…

  • Make use of chapters

  • Highlight key moments within the video (the dots you see in the timeline)

  • Remove the large and evaluation heavy HLS.js package from our site's scripts.

  • Keep all our pre-existing functionality

If you experience any issues with our change to Bunny Stream's embedded player, please do reach out and let me know! For the most part, though, I think this will drastically improve our on-site video experience.

It'll be a slow process, but we'll be going back through our released videos and adding chapters to them, both here and on YouTube.

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