A collection of tech and software used at Adocasts that we deem vital to our lives as developers and content creators. Some items may be referrals.


Adocast's/Tom's office setup

Frameworks & Libraries

  • AdonisJS My go to backend framework
  • Japa For AdonisJS/NodeJS testing
  • Unpoly Lets monoliths behave like SPAs
  • TailwindCSS Our CSS framework of choice
  • InertiaJS For monoliths with heavy front-end updating
  • NuxtJS My go to for heavy front-ends

Git & Hosting

  • GitHub What I primarily use for Git
  • Cleavr An amazingly simple server and deploy manager
  • Vultr Where Adocasts is hosted
  • Google Cloud Storage Where all our images are hosted
  • Mailjet What we use for transactional email
  • ConvertKit What we use for our newsletter


Editor & Extensions