AdonisJS + Unpoly (Series Start)

Aug 06, 2023 *subject to change
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Tom Gobich
AdonisJS + Unpoly

Not started

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For this series, let’s use the structure we have for our Lesson Request pages to kind of rebuild that, except as a Q/A app.

  • Home page would be the list of questions, that can be filtered and sorted
    • Each question would have a detail page
    • Each question can allow answers
      • An answer can be marked as the “correct” answer by the asker
    • Questions and answers can be upvoted
    • Let’s add a notification system to notify users anytime someone
      • Provides an answer to their question
      • Has their answer marked as the correct answer
      • Their question or answer is upvoted

We’ll set up authentication with this, and require authentication for any interaction on the site.