SSR using Interia and adonis

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Requested by mohammed-aabid  


can you please make a video
1. Explaining SSR using the interia and adonis.
2. How to do proper route and component level authorization(with CASL).
3. Best practice for dynamic authorization by storing the policy in the database.


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  1. Request approved 11 months ago with the following comment

    Hi Mohammed, thank you for your request!

    I frequently see folks asking about dynamic authorization, so I think a series dedicated to looking at how to structure and build this would be appropriate.

    We can include use cases in this series, which will include your second component level point as well.

    Inertia with SSR, however, sounds like a good addition to the AdonisJS + Inertia series.

    I'll likely be able to get Inertia with SSR out in the coming weeks. For the authorization series, I'll need to plan and may start sometime in July.


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